Chocolate & Banana Cake recipe – what other way to start?

Chocolate and Banana Cake
Here’s my very first step-by-step guide to something yummy: an easy-peasy, melt-in-the mouth chocolate banana cake.

This cake takes about half an hour to prepare or less, and the same amount of time in the oven. The only bit of pre-preparation you need to do is to buy the bananas in advance so that they are nice and ripe. Or do what I do, and cook this cake every time you spot a few going brown in the fruit bowl. It’s a good enough excuse for me…. So here we go.


3 bananas, nice and ripe (or brown even!)
1 x 100g bar dark chocolate (I use Green & Black’s 70% cocoa – not cheap, but delicious)
3 large, free range eggs
25g cocoa (again Green & Black’s is a winner)
150g salted butter
175g caster sugar
175g self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder

Step 1 – Butter and Sugar

Mix your sugar and butter together with a whisk (mine is electric, but you could use a hand whisk if you’ve strong arms).

You’re butter needs to be soft for this, so cut it up and leave it out of the fridge for a while, or soften it for 20 seconds in the microwave.

Step 2 – Eggs

Crack an egg into a rammekin or cup, then add it to the mix. Give it another whizz with the mixer.

After whizzing the other two eggs up in the same way the mixture should look nice and creamy like this! mmmm…

Step 3 – Dry ingredients

Now it’s time to sift in your dry ingredients: so flour, cocoa and baking powder into the mix.

Get a nice big metal spoon and fold the dry ingredients into your creamy mix with ‘figure of 8′ stirring.

Who wants to lick the spoon?

Step 4 – Melt the chocolate

Break up your chocolate bar into little pieces and pop in the microwave for a minute. It should be melting nicely – keep putting it in for short intervals until it is all melted. Don’t blast it too much or it will burn! If you don’t have a microwave, heat the bowl in a pan of boiling water.

Step 5 – Add chocolate + bananas

Squash the bananas with a fork then add to the mix with the melted chocolate and bananas.

Stir it up well. Now your done with your mix!

Step 6 – Line your tin

Lightly coat a spring-loaded (loose-bottomed) circular tin with butter.

Cut a circle of baking paper a few cm bigger than the the base of your tin, and a long strip with the width equal to the height of your tin. Put the side piece in, then the base (you can make a few slits round the side of the circle so it fits in nicely).

Step 7 – put in your cake mix

Taking care not to dislodge your paper, pour in your cake mix. I have a great silicone spoon (in the previous picture) for scooping out every last bit of mixture from the bowl. Smooth the top of your mix.

Pre-heat the oven at 180C (fan) and put your cake in the oven!

Step 8 – Skewer test

After 20 – 25 mins, if your cake looks done on top, take it out of the oven and test it by piercing the middle with a skewer. If it comes out like this, back in your cake goes – it should come out clean when it’s ready….

Clean Skewer

…. that’s more like it! This was after about 30 minutes, but it will depend on your oven.


When your happy your cake is cooked, unspring the tin so that the side come away, and slip the cake off the base onto a cooling rack.

After about half and hour you can unpeel the baking paper.

The final product:

Delicious! Especially good with a nice glass of red wine…. now there’s a good idea.

(recipe adapted from BBC Good Food)

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