Islington Farmers’ Market in Chapel Market, Angel

I’m a big fan of farmer’s market, and the one in Chapel Market, Angel every Sunday is long-term favourite.

You can get most of your basics – fresh veg, cheese and other dairy, fruit and bakery – plus some real treats – home-made pestos, oven-roasted tomatoes and some fab chocolate brownies.

It moved last year from its home in a school playground of upper street to the tail end of Chapel Street Market. Not the most beautiful of surroundings, granted, but now nice and easy to find. Just come out of Angel tube, cross the road and head in the direction of Marks and Sparks. The first road on your left is Chapel Market. Go past the standard market stalls offering cheap clothes and mattresses, and you’ll come to the farmers market.

Opening Hours: 10 am – 2pm (get there the earlier the better for good stock)

Stars of the market:

Veggie Stalls – there are lots to choose from, including those where every bag is a £1 or £1.50, great for budgeting. Everything is seasonal of course, so its great for trying out new recipes with your weekly finds – be it jerusalem artichokes, broad beans or asparagus.

Pesto – there is a fantastic stall selling little pots of pesto. Try the rocket pesto, or the walnut pesto. They last for three weeks in the fridge too!

Dairy – again lots of options. There is lovely man bringing his fayre from Guernsey – try yoghurt, creamy milk, sour cream and creme fraiche. Untainted like your supermarket stuff, it needs eating within a few days of opening.

Tomatoes – this stall grows tomatoes on the Isle of White. The fresh ones are lovely but not cheap, but the stars of the show are their oak-roasted tomatoes (like sundried in oil with a fabulous smokey taste). Trust me you’ll be hooked on these. Chuck ‘em in pasta with pesto, in salads, on tarts – I get through a pack a week. The bottled tomato sauces are divine too.

Apples – there’s an apple stall where you can by fresh fruit and juice too.

Bakery – I am not a massive fan of the Celtic Bakery, but they have a stall here if you like their stuff. I prefer a smaller stall featuring German baked goods – you can get a great seeded loaf here. And I would say near on impossible to walk past without being tempted by the array of chocolate brownies.

For more info visit the market’s website.

Farmers' Market Angel

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