“Make sure that every meal is a bloody good one…

… you only have so many lunches left”

Well said, chef supremo Simon Hopkinson. Who, according to an article in Times, hates the word ‘foodie’, was brought up to finish everything on his plate, will “go to the most ridiculous lengths to make a perfect stock” and has a martini every Friday at 6.30pm listening to The News Quiz. What a man.

Simon’s words of wisdom got me thinking. That our number of remaining lunches is not limitless would seem a truth unpondered upon by the army people in Pret – myself at times, dare I admit it? – who fight for a limp sandwhich to take back scoff over their keyboards.

What a pity! Food in all its phases – from the seeding of lettuces to the picking of tomatoes, frying, baking, pickling, serving, eating, reviewing and even blogging, so it would seem – provide endless opportunities for little chunks of happiness. While it’s a fact of life that many of us work more than we’d like to and doing less creative things than we’d hoped to, surely food is one of those activities we can put aside a special place for?

We all have to eat, after all, so we might as well make good use of that time. I’ll try and remind myself of Simon’s good advice when I am feeling too lazy to prepare something tasty to take to work for lunch tomorrow. I may even stand and glare at people stacking up their baskets with a week’s supply of M&S ready-meals. Ok, maybe that’s going a little far. But I’ll certainly feel less guilty when making a batch of chocolate brownies instead of slaving away at my computer to meet that deadline.

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