Simple Spanish Salad Recipe

You can only really make this salad in summer, when we get the tasty salad vegetables that the Spaniards get all year round. Make this from supermarket bought veggies in winter and it will bomb, but take advantage of home-grown of farmers’ market tomatoes and cucumbers and it tastes divine.


Fresh tomatoes, cut into cubes

Cucumber, peeled and cut into cubes

Black olives (you can get nice pitted ones in cans from the supermarket)

Hard white sheep or goats cheese, cut into cubes

Red pepper, cut into cubes

Haas avocado, peeled and stoned, and cut into cubes (I find M&S do the most reliably ripe avocados)

Salt, olive oil, paprika

- Combine the veggies and cheese, then drizzle over olive oil, and spinkle on salt and some paprika to taste

- Great served with thin slices of toasted french bread

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