Fenton House Gardens and Orchard

The pinnacle of our bike ride around Hampstead Heath on Sunday was supposed to be a visit to Fenton House, a beautiful National Trust property in Highgate. Unfortunately we got so waylaid with our pizza stop, we arrived just as it was closing.

All was not lost, however. The kind National Trust people suggested we spend some time in the garden of the property – which operates a honesty box policy for entry (£2).

What a wonderful find! It’s not hard to imagine being back three hundred years, with the manicured lawns, lavender bushes and – the highlight – an orchard with tens of different apple tree species, and an immaculate cottage vegetable plot.

I’d do what the locals seem to do – take a picnic to have under the apple trees, do some yoga in the shade, or have a romantic moment in one of the many secret nooks and love seats.

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