Coco Bamboo Restaurant, Camden

coco bamboo camdenThere is something that makes the vegetarian’s heart sink when they get the menu in their hand – one veggie option, and it’s roasted vegetables. I have memories of wonderful meat-free fare from my travels to Brazil years ago, but it seems that few of these dishes have made it across the sea to London restaurants where meat is definitely the star of the show.

Despite my misgivings, Coco  Bamboo have a good shot at it. The veggies in themselves are fine - barbecue cooked with plenty of garlic and herbs – but it’s the coconut rice that excels itself. I’d come back just to eat it, and I must remember to look up a recipe.

The manioca sets it all of nicely, making it a nice hearty meal. Just as well – you don’t want the compulsory caipirinha (or two – it’s happy hour until 8pm) on the open-air decking on the top floor to go to your head.

For puddings we have a passion fruit creme brulee and a passion fruit cheesecake (yes, we do like passion fruit). Both were homemade and very nice too.

Two courses are about £20.

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