Tortilla Restaurant, Angel

tortilla angel

Years ago I went to California and came home in love with the burrito. It took England a few years to catch on, but since then burritos bars have been booming – and thank goodness for that.

In Angel in North London your spoilt for choice – there is Chilangos and Tortilla on Upper Street, and the Freebird burrito stand on Exmouth Market is only a stone’s throw away.

They are all good, but Tortilla is my favourite. The veggies are always freshly cooked, and when mixed with black beans, tomato rice, guacamole, cheese, sour cream and chilli sauce you have a lunch that satisfies, tastes delicious and is pretty good for you too.

It’s a little messy to eat (only remove the foil as you eat or you’ll end up unravelled!) but for a fiver its a very welcome treat at lunchtime.

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