Petek Restaurant, Finsbury Park

Petek Restaurant - Vegetarian Mousakka

Petek is one of those restaurants that we know is a ‘safe bet’ whenever we have friends or family up to visit us in London. The food is always excellent, the service friendly and efficient, and it has a nice buzzy ambience every night of the week.

Veggies are somewhat spoilt for choice – there is a enormous mezze platter option (enough for two really, with a starter), or a very good mousakka. Just a word of warning – go easy on the free bread and tomato dip or you’ll literally have to be rolled out of there, as I am every time I go!

There are slightly lighter options of halloumi and barbecue veggies, or a portabello mushroom and feta salad. As I say, we go there a lot – so I’ve tried them all!

A two course meal is a bargain £10 in the evening, you can’t go wrong.

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