Warm Aubergine, Chickpea, Broccoli and Bulghur Wheat Salad Recipe

aubergine chickpea salad

This new recipe from Denis Cotter’s new book is a tad complicated to make, but it really is worth the effort. The combination of flavours are so ‘right’ that you wonder how he does it.

Set aside some time at the weekend to do the cooking, invite some friends over for dinner and then bask in all the love you’ll get!

Ingredients (for 4)

2 aubergines, halved lengthways and cut into 1cm slices
25g sunflower seeds
2 tsp dark soy sauce
1 medium brocolli, cut into small florets
150ml greek yoghurt
juice of one lemon
50g medium bulghur wheat
200g cooked chickpeas (from a jar or can, or pre-cooked)
2 tsp cumin seeds
1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped
3 garlic cloves, chopped
3 tomatoes, deseeded and chopped
3 tbsp each fresh parsley and coriander leaves
4 tbsp olive oil

roasted auberginesStep 1 – Roast the aubergine slices

Place the aubergines on a couple of baking trays. Take a pastry brush and coat each slice with olive oil, then flip them over and do the other side. Roast for about 10 mins at 200 degrees C until browning.

Meanwhile, steam the brocolli or boil in water for 4 minutes, then drain and set aside.

toasted bulghur wheatStep 2 – Toasted bulghur wheat

This is a nice way to cook bulghur for any recipe – it gives it a nice nutty taste. Put the bulghur wheat into a dry frying pan and cook on a medium heat for about 5 mins, moving regularly. Add 125ml of hot water, then cover and leave off the heat for 15 minutes. Fluff up the wheat with a fork and set aside.

soy sunflower seedsStep 3 – Soy toasted sunflower seeds

Cook the sunflower seeds in a heavy frying pan for 10 minutes, moving them regularly until colouring. Stir in the soy sauce and remove from the heat. Leave to cool then set aside.

cumin chickpeasStep 4 – Cook the chickpeas

Heat the olive oil in a large pan and fry the chickpeas for about 5 minutes. If the oil gets too hot they’ll start to pop, so lower the heat it if necessary! Add the cumin seeds, chilli and garlic and cook for a further 2 minutes then remove from the heat.

aubergine chickpea saladStep 5 – Add the tomatoes, spring onions and herbs

Stir in the tomatoes, spring onions and herbs to the chickpea mix and set aside.

aubergine chickpea saladStep 6 – Combine ingredients

In a large bowl, gently combine the aubergines, broccoli, chickpeas mix and bulghur wheat.

Mix the yoghurt and lemon juice together, with a little water if necessary to get it to a pourable consistency, and add half to the mix. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle on the seeds, and serve the remaining yoghurt sauce on the side for your guests to add to taste.


This recipe was adapted from Denis Coter’s excellent For the Love of Food¬†book.

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