Monmouth Coffee Shop, Covent Garden, London

monmouth coffee londonMonmouth Coffee Company shops are the places of legend for coffee lovers, which the constant queues – regardless of which time of the day you visit – are testament to.

The Covent Garden branch is much smaller than the newer one in Borough Market, so you might be lucky to be squeezed on to one of the shared table nooks in the back of the shop. The coffee here is the only reason people come from far and wide. It’s bloody lovely. You can taste it in the shop, or you can take a lucky dip – or ask one of the always knowledgeable, always friendly baristas for advice. You can even read about where each coffee comes from in the menus on each of the tables.

I like the organic expresso mix, which at £20/kilo is not at all unreasonable . Ask them to grind it for your machine too, if you like – and have a nice coffee made for you while you wait. And the pastries aren’t half bad either!

One word of warning – they’re not open on Sundays. Boo! If you get stuck, Kopapa is just around the corner though where the coffee is superb too – lucky people living or working in Covent Garden.

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