Jashan Restaurant, Turnpike Lane

jashan restaurant - paneer masalaTo be honest, from the outside there is not much that distinguishes Jashan from the many other curry houses in this part of North London. The food they serve, however, is far superior – so much so in fact that they are too busy to do deliveries at all, and you’ll have to wait for a table most nights.

The menu is quite different too, offering a much larger selection than your staple indian kormas and masalas, with around 10 vegetarian main meals and plenty more starters and side dishes. I’ll have to admit here that I still haven’t tried 80% of them despite coming here regularly, and that is because I am so utterly in love with the paneer cheese and pea dish (Paneer Mutter Tava Masala) that I can’t bring myself not to order it! It is a little bit sweet due to the coconut in the sauce and the cheese is generous and clearly made in-house that day. Just writing about it makes me want to run down the road to order some.

The pilau rice is fragrant and tasty just like it should be (no ominous green and pink blobs of food colouring here, thank you) and the naan comfortingly irregular and fresh out of the oven.

The good news is that despite being so much better, Jashan’s prices are not that much higher than at your bog-standard Indian restaurant or take away. Allow £15 – 20 per head for a starter, main, rice, naan and a beer and you’ll leave happy (and really rather full).

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