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Roasted Fennel, Beetroot + Goats Cheese Parcels Recipe, with Pea, Mint and Quinoa salad

You can tell by the ingredients that this was a recipe I made quite a few months ago and have only just found the time to write up! Still, you can get lovely new season beetroot at the moment and the farmers’ market this weekend had fennel bulbs still avaialble. You’d have to use frozen peas for the […]

Aubergine, Bean and Green Pepper Coconut Curry

This is a very summery curry, taking advantage of peppers, green beans and sweet english-grown aubergines that you can get at the moment. Despite the longish list of ingredients the whole lot can be put together in an hour. The flavours and heat of the curry is complementated nicely by a serving Coconut + Tahini […]

Squash, Sheep’s cheese and Oak-roasted Tomato Pancakes Recipe

I was given a round of tangy, crumbly sheep cheese which I knew I would devour in a few days if left unattended. Mixing it with the sweet oven-roasted butternut squash and smokey oak-roasted tomatoes made a very tasty filling for plain pancakes, sat on a bed of spinach. You could use sundried tomatoes just […]

Grated Carrot, Feta and Sesame Seeds Patties Recipe

This recipe came together somewhat haphazardly – adding ingredients as I went to get the right consistency and taking a chance on the combination of flavours. It works nicely, but you could substitute any of the fresh or dried herbs for a different taste, or even the veggies too (I was thinking of courgette, or […]