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Warm Salad of Mushrooms, Brussle Sprouts and Bitter Leaves

This may not sound like an obvious combination but when the brussles are finely sliced and fried they get the seal of approval from even the most avowed brussel-sprout disliker (my tip – don’t tell them what they’re eating and they’ll never guess!). You can also cook the night before and serve at room temperature. […]

Potato and Red Pepper Stew with Jalapeño Salsa and Goats Cheese

This key to stew recipe is cooking the vegetables in the oven so that they steam gently while absorbing the delicate flavours. The jalapeño salsa gives a nice kick but if you are short of ingredients and/or time then you could use a tablespoon or two of chilli oil. This recipe is based on one […]

Lentil, Squash and New Potato Salad with a Maple-Sesame Dressing

The idea for this recipe and the dressing comes from Denis Cotter’s ‘For The Love of Food’ book. His main ingredients for salad are borlotti beans, pumpkin and brussle sprout tops, so you could try these for a winter salad. The maple-sesame dressing is a real winner – sweet, nutty, spicy and filling. As it […]

Mixed Mushrooms with Sheep’s Cheese Polenta

 As you may be able to guess I have been visiting the lovely mushroom seller again at the Alexandra Palace farmers’ market! This recipe combines the strong flavour of the mushrooms with creamy, cheesy polenta. You get two-for-one recipes with this one too as the combined leftover polenta and mushrooms fries up lovely with a […]