Root Vegetable Rostis

rostisRostis are really simple to make, but it can go wrong quite easily so that you end up with lots of grated, disintegrated vegetables in a pan. Follow these tips and make the perfect rosti every time, with whatever root vegetables you have to hand – swede, jerusalem artichoke and squash works well too. Tasty served with eggs for breakfast or brunch, and kids love them too.

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Warm Salad of Mushrooms, Brussle Sprouts and Bitter Leaves

brussle-sprout-lentil-mushrThis may not sound like an obvious combination but when the brussles are finely sliced and fried they get the seal of approval from even the most avowed brussel-sprout disliker (my tip – don’t tell them what they’re eating and they’ll never guess!). You can also cook the night before and serve at room temperature. Very tasty with pan-fried halloumi.

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Vegetable Crumble

veg-crumble-recipeThe concept behind this dish is simple – a selection of seasonal vegetables in a creamy sauce, topped with a savoury crumble. A life-saver for those cold or wet evenings when you wan’t something tasty and filling but don’t have much time to think what to do with that pile of vegetables! You can play with the topping too using different combinations of nuts and cheese, such as stilton and pecans. Serve with rice.

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Potato and Red Pepper Stew with Jalapeño Salsa and Goats Cheese

Potato and Red Pepper Stew with Jalapeno Salsa and Goats CheeseThis key to stew recipe is cooking the vegetables in the oven so that they steam gently while absorbing the delicate flavours. The jalapeño salsa gives a nice kick but if you are short of ingredients and/or time then you could use a tablespoon or two of chilli oil.

This recipe is based on one by Simon Hopkinson in his excellent (and at a tenner, frankly bargain) book ‘The Vegetarian Option’.

The jalapeño salsa quantities below are more than you will need for the stew however it keeps in the fridge for a week, or you can freeze it down in an ice cube tray and add a block to any recipe that needs livening up!

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Roasted Vegetables and Feta Ciabatta with a Sherry Vinegar Marinade

sherry-roast-vegThis tangy, colourful mix of juicy roasted peppers and aubergine is similar to an Italian caponata (but without the tomato), or a Spanish escalivada. It’s tasty served cold on ciabatta, or you could eat straight out of a dish with some pitta as part of a bbq spread. The trick is to make 24 hours before eating so the marinade softens the onion and garlic.

Mozerella would work equally well as feta. It would even work well as a tart filling!

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